Ug is the cafe owner in Pom Gets Wi-Fi. He is portrayed as a grumpy pug who won't serve anyone unless they can pay him in dog treats. 


Interactions Edit

Once you fix the frisbee machine, the line of dogs outside the park will clear up and Pom can finally go to Starpugs (where she was told there could be Wi-Fi). Upon first confrontation, Ug will tell Pom and Shibe that if they don't have dog treats, they might as well leave, upon which Pom will call him rude.

Ug: Welcome to Starpugs! Can I take your order?

Pom: we're just here 4 da wi-fi

Shibe: So honest!

Ug: If you want to be here, you'll have to buy something using dog treats!

Shibe: Oh..but we don't have any dog treats...

Ug: Then don't waste my time!

Pom: rude

Ug will try to prevent you from entering the dining area. However, there is a glitch in the latest version of Pom Gets Wi-Fi where you can simply ignore him and walk into the dining area anyways.

Ug: If you're not buying something, leave!


You can still talk to Witty Fido, but the major events that occur inside of Starpugs won't be triggered unless you buy something with dog treats. Once you get the dog treats from Crest/Bernard, you can buy one of four drinks that Ug offers to you. Then, Witty Fido's dialogue will be triggered and Malty will appear.