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dum shibe
dum shibe
Some attributes
First dum shibe
Second Deceased (after Pom killed him in some battles with him as the enemy, when lost the battle)
Third is currently being a dum shibe
Other attributes


Shibe is a male Shiba Inu and is Pom's roommate and friend. Pom nicknames Shibe "Sebastian" after both of them arrive in Doggy Heaven.


Shibe is a male Shiba Inu who lives with Pom. He and Pom are both sent to heaven after dying in a possible house fire. Shibe almost always tells Pom to get her head out of her laptop. Pom mostly hates Shibe a lot and tries to worry Shibe often.


After running some errands around heaven, encountering other dogs that have ended up in heaven, they reach a park, where a line has form and been there for a while. They meet Hus, who shows some 'liking' to Shibe, to which Pom constantly taunts them and calling them homosexual terms.


  • The reason Pom calls Shibe Sebastian is because the maker of the game had a dog named like that.
    • It's also a reference to the popular anime/manga series Black Butler, as the main character names his butler Sebastian Michaelis or Sebastian for short, after his dog.
  • If you go to the observatory, Shibe will look into the glass and see his and Pom's owner crying. Shibe will cry while telling her to not be sad, though Pom will frequently tell him to shut up as she can't hear them.
  • Shibe in battle almost looks like it spells "Shit".

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