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Some attributes
First Pomeranian
Second Deceased
Third Is currently Dog of Doggy heaven
Other attributes


Pom is a internet-obsessed Pomeranian. In the game, she and her housemate Shibe go on a quest to find Wi-Fi in Doggy Heaven


Pom is a crazy, internet obsessed pomerian with a too serious friend named Shibe. Pom is always seen carrying with her a purple laptop and is almost always heard talking in internet slang.

Events of Pom gets WiFiEdit

As the main protagonist of the game, the game starts of with her waking up and going online. She spends the whole day on the Internet until it's night time. In the morning, a house fire starts. Pom, not noticing the fire, continues to happily play on her computer. The walls around her cave in and then the whole building eventually collapses. She wakes up to find herself in Doggy Heaven and she discovers that there is no Wi-Fi, setting off the complication of the game. She soon meets up with Shibe and that's where the adventure starts.


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