Malty is a female Maltese dog who is apparently Pom's "friend 5ever" from Tumfur. She is first met at Starpugs once you buy something with the dog treats that Bernard/Crest give you. She speaks with a very strong Japanese accent, apparently so strong that Pom was able to recognize her despite never actually meeting Malty in person.

Interaction Edit

After you buy something at Starpugs, Malty will appear. Strangely, Shibe will first talk to Malty instead of Pom. Malty will joke that she has to go to the bathroom. Shibe doesn't understand that it was a joke, so Malty calls him stupid.

Shibe: What's up?

Malty: I need to go to the bathroom

Shibe: .................................

Malty: That was a joke BAKA!!!!!!!

Malty: No one ever needs to go to the bathroom in heaven =^-^=

Malty: *Subarashii* isn't it uwu

Pom will then make the connection that Malty was a Tumfur user. Shibe will become confused, so Pom explains their relationship to him.

Pom: that speaking style... it cant b!!! ur... tumblr user sugoi-neko-chan-desu?

Malty: OMG o_o Tumblr user Yaoi-hands?????? o:

After a while, Pom asks about Wi-Fi, and then Malty will explain that if she overthrows "Kami-sama" (Dog) then Doggy Heaven will begin to crumble, and she might be able to get Wi-Fi.

Trivia Edit

  • Malty appears to have some sort of crush on Shibe, because if you talk to Malty after Shibe leaves the party, she'll ask, "What happened to that kawaii shiba inu that was with you?"
  • Malty speaks with a LOT of Japanese, such as "gomen" (sorry), "kawaii" (cute), "shiba" (guard), "inu" (dog), "subarashii" (which is something like "amazing"), "tomodachi" (friend), and "Kamisama" (God).
  • As seen in another chat with Malty, she (like Pom) is also obsessed with the Internet, as she claims; she couldn't stop crying. However, she (unlike Pom) was able to let it go. She also says that CDs of an anime she likes show up often, because, hey, it's heaven after all.