The Famicom was the Japanese counterpart of the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). In Pom Gets Wi-Fi, Papi gives Pom a Famicom as an apology for not having any dog treats for Goldie. Pom ends up stacking the Famicom on the rock thing.

Rock Thing Stacking

The Famicom stacked on the rock thing. The Famicom is below the dolphin.

Trivia Edit

  • Papi mentioned that she owned a Famicom when she was still alive. Having a Famicom instead of a NES hints that she could've lived in Japan.
  • Goldie might have owned a Famicom as well, since she knew that it was flat and better for stacking.
  • Pom/Shibe apparently never thought about stacking the Famicom instead of a potted cactus.