Dog Treats are the main currency in Doggy Heaven. Since they are only mentioned a few times in-game, not too much else is known about them.

Trivia Edit

  • Shibe mentioned that dog treats are probably some sort of measure of a dog's willpower. Eating is not exactly vital in heaven since they are disembodied souls, but it takes a lot of vitality to refrain from eating them.
  • Crest seems to enjoy baking them, and they apparently come in many flavors as well (oatmeal raisin and chocolate chip flavors are mentioned).
  • Papi seems to have an addiction to dog treats, and cannot refrain from turning into her impulse to eat them.
  • Papi also apparently owed Goldie a few dog treats, though the reason is unknown.
  • Pom kept saying she wanted chocolate chip, which could mean Master fed her chocolate when she was still alive.
  • Pom and Chi apparently have similar tastes in dog treats.